Why Now?

The time has never been more fitting to engage in a Commission on inclusive growth in the Basildon Borough.

Despite the many reports and initiatives surrounding the Borough, the Basildon Borough is 5th in terms of Local Authorities that have become more deprived since 2010 (England, 2015), and is the 6th most unequal city in the UK (Centre for Cities, 2017). We are home to 14% of the top 10% of least deprived areas in the UK, but also home to 11% of the top 10% of the most deprived areas in the UK (Essex County Council, 2016) . We have had the 5th largest increase in the proportion of LSOAs that are in the most deprived decile since 2010  (England, 2015), and are responsible for almost one quarter of the most deprived areas in Essex (England, 2015). We know that if we don’t act now, in a time of local, regional, and national change, we will only continue to decline.

We believe that this Commission can not only act as a catalyst for beginning to enable inclusive growth in the Borough, but also act as a spearhead to enable the many powerful, imaginative and collaborate individuals and organisations in the Borough. We know that inclusive growth has the potential to boost household income, close the productivity gap, drive up external interest, genuinely improve the wellbeing and lives of all in the Basildon Borough, and allow economic and social growth to be felt by all that live in the Basildon Borough, and we know that now is the time to act. We want the Basildon Borough to be the Borough that we know it can, and should, be.