What is Inclusive Growth?

Although the Commission will need to determine what ‘Inclusive Growth’ looks like for the Basildon Borough, the term, defined by Cafod (Cafod, 2014), can be loosely described as:

1. Having broader objectives than increasing income and GDP, and ensuring that work is done to achieve those objectives, rather than assuming that positive outcomes will automatically come through simply creating forms of ‘growth’ such as job opportunities, housing opportunities etc.;

2. Understanding that growth is inclusive of gains in human and societal development, as well as economic growth;

3. Ensuring that any growth and its benefits can translate to all groups in the Borough, including the most marginalised;

4. Considering participation, not just distribution outcomes; therefore acknowledging that in order for ‘growth’ to happen this must be inclusive in both its process and its outcomes.

Whilst, nationally and internationally, inclusive growth is being looked at, this has never been look at in the Borough. To this extent, this Commission will be the first of its kind.