Share your views

Breakthrough Basildon Borough may be an ‘independent’ think tank, but that absolutely does not mean it is ‘independent’ from the people that will shape it the most.

On the contrary, however, we want you to work with us, to create something that we can all be proud of. In line with the whole vision for the project, the Breakthrough Basildon Borough Commission recognises that in order to be successful, it needs to be inclusive. And why not be inclusive of those who are experts in the area?

To this extent, the ‘Breakthrough Basildon Borough’ Commission is asking residents, organisations, and groups to help shape this project, and pave the way forward; through attending the workshops, responding to our ‘Call for Evidence’, or simply by sharing your expertise and inspiration.

Rather than allowing this commission to be one that comes and goes, or to be one that simply redoes work that has already been done, we want this project to have longevity, and we want it to be something that carries on far after its initial life span.

As aforementioned, this Commission should not be estranged from the people that live and work in the Basildon Borough; instead, it should be something that every single person should feel a part of. We want this to be something that really begins to make a difference. And we want you to be its pioneers, and stand with us.

If this is something that you are interested in, please contact: with your expression of interest.