The final report of recommendations can be viewed HERE. A supporting document is also available HERE.

A brief report was also produced after each theme meeting setting out the matters considered by the Commission and its findings:

1 – ‘Vision’

Vision Theme Report

2 – ‘Place’

Place Theme Report

3 – ‘Economy’

Economy Theme Report

4 – ‘People’

Rather than produce a report from this meeting, the panel agreed to draw up a sketch of the headline narrative that they think the commission is moving towards. These preliminary findings were presented during the ‘Politics and Governance’ theme meeting and validated during the Stakeholder Workshop.

5 – ‘Politics and Governance’

Politics and Governance Theme Report

6 – ‘Bridging the Gap’

A report was not produced from this meeting as the Panel discussed the final report of recommendations.


Please also see our Prospectus of Inquiry below:

Breakthrough Basildon Borough Prospectus of Inquiry