Our Story

‘Breakthrough Basildon Borough’ is an independent think tank, dedicated to explore in detail the issues and barriers for all communities in the Basildon Borough. Focused particularly on beginnning to enable inclusive growth in the Borough, the Commission will examine and suggest, on a strategic level, the various ways in which the Basildon Borough can ensure it is a Borough that residents, organisations, and groups can not only feel proud of, but also that every single member is a part of.

Brexit, the Industrial Strategy, and the Devolution Bill have highlighted that within the country, there is a certain feeling that its residents want to ‘take back control’. In order for the country to be preogressive, it must be inclusive of the people that reside within it.

This change has not gone unnoticied in the Basildon Borough. The Corporate Plan, alongside various local economic and social policies, speak of a need for the future Basildon Borough to be socially and economically sustainable, aspirational, and inclusive.

In order for the Basildon Borough to do this, however, there is a need for a step change and enhanced focus. Although the Basildon Borough may be the largest economy in Essex and home to global companies like Ford Motor Company, New Holland Agriculture, and Konica Minolta, it is also home to some of the most economically disadvantaged areas in the country. Something is holding the Borough back.

It needs a breakthrough.

As such, we have recently been able to garner support across the political spectrum to establish the ‘Breakthrough Basildon Borough’ Commission to look at the potential for beginning to enable inclusive growth in the Borough; a concept recently created to advance equitable opportunities for economic and social growth, with an expected outcome that benefits every section of society. The detailed scope and remit of the initial work is currently being developed but it is intended that the initial focus will be a strategic overview, resulting in a final report in the summer that will provide an initial perspective and form the basis for future policies, strategies, and actions.

The panel and its activities will be independent from the Council, but supported by it. Accordingly, over the coming months the panel will be free to makes its own investigations, consider the evidence, and engage with the people that know the Borough best – its residents, communities, organisations and businesses – in order to begin to make recommendations and inspire change.

This is the first Commission of its kind in the Borough, and, unlike many other ‘top down’ approaches, we want you to be its pioneers. We want members of the Basildon Borough to have a say in its future, and we want this commission to act as a spearhead for the many powerful, imaginative and collaborative individuals, organisations in the Borough, through workshops, launches, events, and reports. We want you, as members of the Basildon Borough’s past and present, to determine its future.

Let’s make this breakthrough happen together.