Our Process

It is increasingly recognised that growth is not all about increasing GDP, but about using wealth and resources in a different way. Prosperity does not trickle down to all automatically. In the Borough, we are well aware of this; recent statistics show that Basildon Borough is 5th in terms of LSOAs that have become more deprived since 2010 (England, 2015).

Over the course of its duration, the ‘Breakthrough Basildon Borough’ Commission will be:

  • Reflecting on any existing or prospective documents, reports, strategies and panels in order to form a comprehensive outline of what is already being done in the Borough and what is presently lined up;
  • Collating and studying these differing initiatives, strategies and reports in order to understand what has already been done and understand how that may relate to beginning to enable inclusive growth in the Borough;
  • Conducting further research through a series of participatory workshops, surveys, interviews, and community engagement activities;
  • Drawing conclusions from both the previous and further research in order to provide a strategic oversight and a clear series of strategic recommendations that will identify and guide how the Council and the community can more effectively work together to unlock ability, capacity, and drive, in order to inspire change.

This will then be fed back to the Council later this year, with the intention that any recommendations and strategic insights given can inform policy development, social and built infrastructure, and most importantly, inspire real change.