Our Aims

The ‘Breakthrough Basildon Borough’ Commission aims to inspire change your way. Rather than being a ‘blue sky’ academic exercise, it aims to make a difference to every single member of every single sector of the Basildon Borough.

Over the duration of its lifetime, the ‘Breakthrough Basildon Borough’ Commission aims to:

– Understand to what extent strategic existing social, economic and political initiatives have made an impact on the Basildon Borough in ensuring inclusive growth and the extent to which existing policies, initiatives and interventions have either progressed or regressed this;

– Understand the overall characteristics of successful places and understand how, by addressing the various socio-economic and political challenges in Basildon, it can become a Borough of more inclusive growth;

– Suggest a strategic framework for achieving inclusive growth in Basildon Borough, which should act as a framework that works for everyone;

– Make strategic recommendations for how the community, the public sector, the private sector, and the Council can work together to achieve more inclusive growth in the future, ensuring that the Borough can create an ‘economy that works for everyone’ (RSA, 2016);

– Consider strategic opportunities for the Basildon Borough both as an overall and as a ‘brand’, and suggest how a more holistic approach may be beneficial to the borough.

The Commission will do this through a variety of themes.