The Breakthrough Basildon Borough Commission is an independent think tank dedicated to explore in detail the issues and barriers for all communities across the Basildon Borough. It’s initial aim was to make recommendations to Basildon Council to inspire change for its residents.

Basildon Council’s Policy Oversight and Strategy Committee has now received this report that sets out the recommendations to Basildon Council by the Breakthrough Basildon Borough Commission and a proposed mechanism to take this forward.

Within the report, the Commission set out a series of challenges to the Council constituting a strategic roadmap and it was intended that the findings and recommendations would be used to inform development of the future Council policy and associated allocation of resources, as well as informing the Council’s role as a community leader and place shaper. It also sets out initial proposals for a project facilitated by Basildon Council to engage residents, businesses and partners in shaping a new brand and place vision for the Borough.

You can view the final report of recommendations HERE and the supporting document HERE.

A closing event has been arranged in which the Commission will invite all stakeholders who contributed to the review, and to consider the next steps in taking forward the recommendations. View details of the Closing Event HERE.

If you would like to contact us about the Commission, please email us on or tweet us at @breakthroughbas

Check out the Commission’s accompanying video here!